Hi, I’m Francis

Through their industry leading training, and thriving Facebook community, Francis and his daughter Emily, have helped and inspired literally thousands of entrepreneurs to jump out of their comfort zones, create massive cashflow and live life on their own terms using the Rent 2 Rent strategy.

Francis has proven time and time again that anyone can reinvent themselves and achieve the seemingly impossible if they want it badly enough. The S.Y.S.T.E.M. he and Emily have created bypasses overwhelm and self-doubt, and creates Clarity, Confidence and Momentum, which has inevitably led to many success stories within the MLCS community.


‘Creating a team of new entrepreneurs who are changing the face of property investing’



Podcasts need to serve a purpose, they should educate or entertain, or do both. They also need to add value.

With cutting edge insights, up to date strategies and always being on the forefront of new innovations, the Rent 2 Rent Podcast is a ‘DON’T MISS IT’ listening experience for all results driven entrepreneurs like you. The focus is always actionable insights into whats working in the market place right.